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Kimberly Bartlett
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Senior Engineer - Lighting WSP, Hertford
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Trainee Lighting Technician, Mouchel Group, Welwyn Garden City

The start of my career in engineering, this was the springboard for learning about the profession and engineering as a whole and catapulted me into a world of engineering experiences. I was trained in the technical aspects of the lighting profession and learned how to design. I was afforded control of the one for one replacement schemed to get used to designing schemes and went on from there designing more complicated and involved schemes.

Lighting & Electrical Technician, Jacobs Engineering UK, London

As a technician, I was involved in the smaller schemes in the beginning whilst learning the profession and the ways of the business as time progressed I was moved to more complicated schemes before being requested to work on secondment with Buckinghamshire.

Assistant Engineer - Lighting & Electrical, Ringway Jacobs, Aylesbury

I designed and inspected lighting and electrical designs for public schemes and maintenance works. Similarly to previous roles I design and inspect lighting and electrical schemes for the public in Buckinghamshire. Ensuring a safe and compliant installation in line with the design that is effective and efficient in order to provide energy and carbon savings for the county and the public purse.

Capital Lead - Lighting & Electrical, Ringway Jacobs, Aylesbury

In this job I was hands on, going out to work with the installers and the public of Buckinghamshire to check that the lighting and electrical works for the county were running smoothly. I was responsible for managing people, projects and budgets that the county undertook with its capital funds. This is planned works to improve the roads and infrastructure of the county to help it work for the residents and visitors. We undertook large programmes of work covering the entire county and worked with finance initiatives to make large, important schemes possible.

Senior Engineer - Lighting
WSP, Hertford

I am a Lighting and Electrical Engineer, designing projects to light the world around us safely, efficiently and creatively. As a lighting engineer, my day to day work is designing projects to light the public realm and the electrical requirements for them. We design lighting installations for roads, residential areas, amenity areas, squares, special events and interior also. Every day is different which makes every day an adventure.


Engineering is all about problem-solving. If you are inherently curious, like a challenge and enjoy logic then you'll go far in engineering. There are few careers out there that provide tangible results that you can walk down a street and see. I am immensely proud to be an engineer and hope that more women and girls out there will follow me into the career that I love.

My Education
Electrical & Electronic Engineering (Higher National Certificate (HNC))
Bedford College
Bedford, England
BTEC, Mathematics
Biology, Mathematics, Product design 
Sir Frederic Osborn School
Welwyn Garden City Consortium
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When I was at school I wanted to be a vet and nothing else. Failing my A-Levels stopped that.

I would possibly change my A-Levels or at least look to go into engineering sooner. Potentially going for the degree earlier.

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