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Ruth Jones
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Managing Director, LEWIS LEWIS
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Graduate to Account Manager, Johnson King

I reacted quickly to news and learnt that I couldn't rely on brand names so had to work harder for better results

Account Manager to Account Director, Lighthouse

I was responsible for creating unity across account servicing throughout the process of a merger

Managing Director, LEWIS

Earlier on in your career, some senior team members may not believe that you have the technological depth to succeed. But what I have found is that if they challenge you and you prove them wrong they’ll buy into you.

PR can sometimes descend into being incredibly sales driven. It is based up skills such as quick decision making and the ability to have a direct conversation.

When margins are being squashed it puts on pressure and people get competitive. This makes some people feel uncomfortable and it holds them back. But my best piece of advice when you are confronted with a situation such as this is don’t be scared to give it a shot.

Advertising/Public Relations
My Education
Marketing Management
United Kingdom
History, Sports science 
Radcliffe College
St Joseph's College

Communication Studies - I liked this subject as it taught me how to communicate effectively
History - I loved this subject as it allowed me to digest information, learn narratives and events
Sports Science - I liked this subject but it is not useful to me now

More about me

For me, it about having the right processes in place. Ensure you have a structure in place to identify the information you need, and in my case, I do rely on others to tell me if something important or noteworthy happens. It is also really important for me to keep an eye on client servicing standards and, if necessary, suggest new processes to teams.

I question everything that we do and am always trying to do it better.

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